What Lies Beneath is a reflection of a layered life. It is a metaphor for what we appear to be on the surface, as well as the layers beneath the surface, which inform the whole self. As each layer of color affects the layer above, each of life’s experiences builds upon the past to reveal the work of art that is our life. There is a method and intelligence to this unfolding as I see it in my life and in my art.

Similar to the way we come into the world, there is little control over the first brushstrokes I apply to the blank canvas. It’s beginning is raw and unconscious. After the initial laying down of color I allow the process to guide me in my next steps. This involves many layers of thought and a great deal of paint. As with life, it’s tempting to stop at a good place. However, by forcing myself to trust the process, I go deeper and create something that is more authentic and whole. Layer after layer I get more deliberate with line and color. Eventually the multi-dimensionality appears and there is an appreciation for life in all of its layers, forms and colors.

I invite you to look at what lies beneath.